Sabtu, 30 Maret 2013

Assistive Technology explained

Assistive technologies, also known as adaptive technology includes devices or equipment to maintain, increase or improve skills of persons with disabilities. It is important to realize that assistive technology is not just computer programs or electronic devices. Since many people think of when thinking about computer technology, this is a common mistake. Assistive technologies need not be high-tech, but should serve the purpose of “service” and can include anything from a stick you use to reach something of a Walker or a wheelchair or more complex elements such as environmental audits or adapted vehicles.

This means that assistive technology existed the first homo sapiens picked up a branch to help himself on uneven terrain. Sophisticated forms of assistive technology date back for centuries as well as the 6th century saw a picture of a wheelchair is carved in stone on a sarcophagus. Today, assistive technologies are available to support many common disabilities. For example, assistive technology can:

or provide help with communication, such as speech, writing and typing aids

or help people with access to a computer with the standard mouse and keyboard. They include software programs such as a screen reader or screen keyboard and hardware, such as a mouse operation.

or provide exercises that stimulate the train and evaluate the cognitive functioning.

or assist with daily life as cooking, dressing room, bathroom, bathing, eating

or provide assistance with Visual or auditory limitation how blink light system for the doorbell, hearing aids, closed caption decoders for TV.

or provide assistance with mobility, such as wheelchairs, walkers and canes.

or help with disabled or missing limbs as artificial limbs, braces, supports

or Enable disabled individuals to take part in sports or recreational activities.

or support the muscular-skeletal systems and maintain positions needed to perform the desired task, such as moulded seats, lumbar support and changes to wheelchairs would fall into this category.

telephones or improve access to materials such as Braille devices and translators and large print button.

If you are a person with a disability or know a disabled person, maybe you have some thoughts on assistive technology. Perhaps you know of a cool product disability or do you have any idea on what would like to see.

A new website has been created to that is meant to be a platform for communication between the disabled community and the assistive technology industry. There is a forum where you can express your feedback on all types of innovative assistive technologies. What are your experiences? What products to use disability that you like? Such as disability or disability aids equipment you’d like to see on the market? Don’t limit yourself to what you already know. Tell us what you’d like to see.

Healthy longevity is the greatest wealth

As the dark storm clouds gathering upset before a violent summer storm and the fall of ice pellets and sudden gusts of wind causes those who live in tornado alley than turn anxious gaze skyward, so health authorities are also worried the world news scan to see if the much-talked about Asian bird flu that degraded a world wide pandemic has infected another man.

Memories of the horrors of the black death that wiped out millions of people in the middle ages and smallpox that devastated more than 1 million native Americans give rise to the fear that might be about to happen again!In fact the health officials are warning that the next pandemic is not a matter of if but when it happens!

Now it has been reported that at least two people in Turkey were infected with bird flu, as it is now called. The fear is that with each new human infestation increases the likelihood that avian influenza could mutate into a virus can spread from human to human. If this happens a pademic of epic proportions could hearld the collaspe much of civilization as we know it!

Around the world Governments are scrambling to develop a vaccine against this deadly virus. You can win the race in time to protect humanity from this pandemic threathening?! In addition to not having a vaccine ready, the problem is compounded by the fact that antibiotics are no longer effective due to use.

However, what may prove to be one of the most timely miracles of all time is the findings of nobel prize winners and other health research scientists who can save the day.Just as there is a race to come up with a vaccine to immunize us against bird flu in Asia, so there’s a rush to get these new discoveries to the masses!

Such a discovery is done through the discovery of what has been called the second code. The first code is the code of DNA. Health researcher, Dr. Rath, postulated “That once the body stores amino acids for 1.1 pounds of 150 kg of body weight that no disease will beable to spread through the body” calls it a Teflon shield for cells.

A second discovery has to do with how the virus spread throughout the body. A virus like the flu should get into any cell of the body using an enzyme that temporaily dissolves the cell wall. Once inside the cell the virus alters the DNA or cellular code and feeds on nutrients of the cell causing cell death.During his stay inside the cell, it reproduces itself.

After using cell nutrients causing the death of the cell the virus multiplied and then leave the cell and repeats the process so invade nearby cells, multiplying and destroying the cells as they spread throughout the body.

Another timely discovery that was found a way for the body to neutralize the virus uses enzyme dissolution to dissolve the cell wall to gain entry.Unable to gain entrance to one person may not be infected! So, this discovery hearlds paradign shift away from thinking in terms of development of vaccines or antibiotics in ways allowing the body to neutralize the methods used by the invading virus from infecting the body.This new paradigm should not be seen as a threat to the development of new vaccines and antibiotics, but as a weapon against a pandemic or gathering.

So now we have a new weapon to protect ourselves from these dreaded diseases and avert any pandemic is approaching! We are not left depending on the development of a new vaccine or antibiotic to win the race against a pandemic meeting a clear and present danger!

By using some form based on recent findings from nobel prize winners it is now possible to provide the body with a teflon as a shield for our cells. Just like teflon prevents food from sticking to our kitchen ware and heat from damaging engine parts, so too can form thse shield our cells from invading viruses.

This teflon shield can offer hope that the long-sought after dream of freeing mankind from dreaded diseases can be realized not only atlast reliance on new vaccines for many diseases imunize us, nor to discover the most powerful antibiotics or other drugs, but merely to shield our cells from home invaders!

The danger here is that the medical establishment can preceive these new developments as a threat to the American medical establishment with the guise of public safety squelch this information. This wouldn’t be the first time that they have done.

Jumat, 29 Maret 2013

How to prepare children for Ear surgery

If you have a child who needs surgery microtia, you must take some steps to prepare him or her. If he or she is still a baby or a child, there may not be much you can do in terms of preparation for treatment. But older children who understand more can be nervous and want to feel assured ahead of time. Consider some ways to do it.

First should speak with your pediatrician to determine how to prepare your family for treatment. If you have other children, you probably will want to know a little bit what’s going to happen, too. If the pediatrician is experienced in treating children and explain difficult concepts in a simple way, you should ask him or her to talk to your children. Most doctors are happy to explain the basics of microtia surgery so their patients and their families understand everything. This can help you and your family be assured that everything is going well.

If your child is still nervous after obtaining an explanation, make sure you have made clear you are happy to answer any questions. Many children need extra reassurance so they need to feel comfortable asking you questions you may have, and probably you don’t need to be a doctor to respond to them. Your child probably wants to know if it will hurt the treatment and how long it will take to recover. He or she may also want to know what to expect next, such as the ears are similar. That’s why you might consider looking at before and after photos with him or her to show you what to expect.

You can also talk about what surgery microtia will do for your son or daughter. Once he or she is aware of the benefits, probably will be a change in attitude. Some guys who understand what the operation can also be excited for it so they can see the results. If you want to increase the excitement, you can make plans to do something fun for a couple of weeks after the operation. For example, you can plan a trip to a theme park so all your family has something fun to focus on once the ear surgery.

Your child’s doctor may be able to give you more advice depending on your circumstances. Appropriate suggestions for preparation depend on the age and temperament of each child. As long as you’re aware of all the feelings that your child might have regarding the impending operation, should be able to help him or her feel more relaxed as possible before getting the microtia surgery.

Reasons to have ear surgery for a child with Microtia

If your child has ear, he or she may need ear surgery. Although the hearing is not affected and seems to be just an aesthetic problem, they can find the best get an operation anyway. Learn why some kids with mild cases may find this beneficial.

Bullying at school is the main problem that many parents worry when they notice anomalies in the appearance of their baby’s ears. Even babies and children with this problem may cause people do double takes or stop and ask what causes. While some people and their parents are able to take this step, many children develop insecurities about it from a young age. It doesn’t tend to get better at school, since children may be lacking in tact and even downright mean about the differences. If you are worried about your child’s fun facts or simply stand out in a negative way, you may choose to plan for ear surgery before he or she enters the school. In fact, it is usually recommended that kids get this done before they reach the age of eight or so.

One of the reasons for the treatment that is sometimes not considered is the fact that hats and headbands may not fit properly when the ears are malformed or barely there. Young patients with microtia may be shocked to realize that not wearing hats with their favorite teams or sports figures. Bands and other accessories depending on the ears to stand properly can also be out of the question. These details can be missed by adults, but for many children, are a big problem. If your child expresses concerns to you on this, you might want to consider.

Even more important is the fact that the glasses may not fit right. If it turns out your child has difficulty seeing, you may have a hard time keeping glasses on her face. Contact lenses are usually not recommended for young children, nor is the laser eye surgery. This means that the glasses may be the only option, and this is not convenient for children whose ears are not the normal shape or size. Even though vista is not a problem, children with microtia may also have trouble wearing sunglasses, that can be disappointing.

Clearly there are a few reasons to consider ear surgery for children whose hearing is not impaired. You might think there are important reasons, but could be a great deal for many guys. Therefore, make sure that you and your family have looked on all the details before making a decision on whether to get treatment.