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Reasons to have ear surgery for a child with Microtia

If your child has ear, he or she may need ear surgery. Although the hearing is not affected and seems to be just an aesthetic problem, they can find the best get an operation anyway. Learn why some kids with mild cases may find this beneficial.

Bullying at school is the main problem that many parents worry when they notice anomalies in the appearance of their baby’s ears. Even babies and children with this problem may cause people do double takes or stop and ask what causes. While some people and their parents are able to take this step, many children develop insecurities about it from a young age. It doesn’t tend to get better at school, since children may be lacking in tact and even downright mean about the differences. If you are worried about your child’s fun facts or simply stand out in a negative way, you may choose to plan for ear surgery before he or she enters the school. In fact, it is usually recommended that kids get this done before they reach the age of eight or so.

One of the reasons for the treatment that is sometimes not considered is the fact that hats and headbands may not fit properly when the ears are malformed or barely there. Young patients with microtia may be shocked to realize that not wearing hats with their favorite teams or sports figures. Bands and other accessories depending on the ears to stand properly can also be out of the question. These details can be missed by adults, but for many children, are a big problem. If your child expresses concerns to you on this, you might want to consider.

Even more important is the fact that the glasses may not fit right. If it turns out your child has difficulty seeing, you may have a hard time keeping glasses on her face. Contact lenses are usually not recommended for young children, nor is the laser eye surgery. This means that the glasses may be the only option, and this is not convenient for children whose ears are not the normal shape or size. Even though vista is not a problem, children with microtia may also have trouble wearing sunglasses, that can be disappointing.

Clearly there are a few reasons to consider ear surgery for children whose hearing is not impaired. You might think there are important reasons, but could be a great deal for many guys. Therefore, make sure that you and your family have looked on all the details before making a decision on whether to get treatment.

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